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Shop - Tea Caddies and Storage Tins - Plain Tea Caddies 

We probably offer the largest selection of tea caddies online. Browse here for plain tea caddies in silver, white, blue, red, black

White round 100g

A white round tubular 100g tin with a slip lid. Dimensions 107 x 100mm

Price: £4.20

Blue Square 100g

Square metal caddy in blue with removable lid for 100g of tea. Approx dimensions : 7.5 x 7.5 x...

Price: £3.30

Silver round window caddy 100g

Plain metal silver tubular tin with a twist of lid. Holds about 100g of tea. Contains a clear side...

Price: £5.60

Uni 2kg Caddy

An alternative large caddy for up to 2kgs of tea. Great for retail and bulk storage Silver coloured...

Price: £19.90

Globe Silver / Black 1.5kgs

Very big tea caddies ideal for retail or bulk storage Designed to hold 1.5kgs of tea these classic...

Price: £29.90

Chalk Field - Tubular 200g

A simple tubular steel tea caddy with a rewriteable chalk field. Works perfectly with a white...

Price: £5.20

Chalk Field - Tubular 400g

A larger matching version of our simple tubular steel tea caddy with a rewriteable chalk field....

Price: £6.50

Chalk Field - Rectangular 350g

A rectangular 350g version of our very popular steel tea caddy with a rewriteable chalk field...

Price: £6.30

Domed Shape Silver 100g

A plain metal silver coloured tea caddy featuring a domed lid and internal metal seal to give additional...

Price: £5.50

Silver Square 100g

A plain square stainless steel caddy in silver  with hinged lid for 100g of tea. For...

Price: £3.60

Red Square 100g

A red metal caddy with a push on slip lid. Takes 100g of tea most broken leaf...

Price: £3.30

White Square 100g

Square stainless steel caddy white with removable lid for 100g of tea. Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5...

Price: £3.20

Taby with window

A circular silver tea caddy with a clear viewing window in the lid to help you make the most of attactive...

Price: £4.40